octoDAC module picture
Module Information

The octoDAC is a Eurorack module which converts MIDI Control Change values into 0 to +5V Control Voltage signals.

The primary use of the octoDAC is to manipulate CV signals via MIDI from a DAW or other controller.

The octoDAC features adjustable slew rate for each channel.

For a more detailed explanation refer to tutorial video or the User Manual.

The firmware for this module is open source.

Front panel art by Kyle Brandse.

MSRP: $150
To purchase email info (at) dogfaceaudio.com

tutorial video

Module Details source code user manual
wobblin' goblin

wobblin goblin module picture
Module Information

The wobblin' goblin is an upcoming Eurorack LFO module from dogface audio.

Module Details user manual

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